Sankofa Club Town Hall Replay – 17th July 2021

OUR 5th Sankofa Nation TOWNHALL Save Our Planet with Queen Skye Gray was INCREDIBLE!

Our Queen, Skye Gray, talked about a vital mission important to her, “Saving Our Planet.”

She shared with our Nation how we can do things at home to save our planet. Things like reducing waste, reusing waste, recycling, composting, planting gardens and trees, to name a few.

She showed the different categories of waste:

Plastic: forks, spoons, knives, cups, detergent bottles, juice, and soda bottles.

Aluminum: foil, cans of food, soda cans, and hairspray.

Paper: Pizza boxes, paper towels, notes.

Queen Skye shared how and what to compost: watermelon, carrots, eggshells.

Skye gave ideas on reusing and upcycling our trash. Mrs. Gray Skye’s mother made and turned a popsicle box into a tic tac toe game.

I don’t want to spoil the rest, so watch when you can, take copious notes, and enjoy!

I will leave you with the closing words Queen Skye left with the Sankofa Nation today:

“If you dream it and believe in it, anything is possible!!!”

If you have questions, please reach out to [email protected]

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