About Us

Sankofa Club is the resource to help EDUCATE your children about Black history and culture.

Membership ENGAGES your children with instant access to activities, worksheets, and daily classes that edify the global contributions of Black people.

Sankofa Club EMPOWERS children to unlock their curiosity, enhance their passion to learn, build cultural pride and helps unleash their life’s purpose.

Sankofa Club is a virtual community of parents, educators and leaders who provide support, workshops and solutions to help parents and children develop cultural acumen.

Sankofa Club provides bite-sized lessons that make it fun and easy to learn Black History. We live by our mantra “Five minutes a day keeps the miseducation away.”

The Sankofa Club is owned and operated by Urban Intellectuals, Inc. Urban Intellectuals provides a series of historical education products, tools, and memberships designed to write the Black community back into the pages of world history and the hearts and minds of the community.

Our motto is Busy Making Our Ancestors Proud.

Our aim is to shine an uplifting, positive and inspiring light on our community.

Urban Intellectuals is obsessed with creating meaningful, engaging, and relevant discussions among the African diaspora. Bringing diverse lines of thought together to combine their knowledge and insight for the future, prosperity and well being of the community is the ultimate aim.

To achieve this aim, Urban Intellectuals engages the community via multiple platforms to create discussion. This includes the website, http://UrbanIntellectuals.com, the UI mobile app, the Facebook pageUI social communityTwitter, YouTube, the Sankofa Club, and more coming soon.

The Sankofa Club was born out of the necessity for ensuring our young people have a strong appreciation for Black history, culture and our contributions to humanity. We understand those that love and appreciate the work of their ancestors and the contributions of their people go on to perform better in their schools, families, communities and the world.

The Sankofa Club was created to help assist parents, teachers, caregivers, administrators, and youth programs the tools they need to assist in nurturing our young people to this mindset of Black Excellence. Black people have made a profound impact on this world and it is imperative our young people know it, love it and appreciate it.

How Did Urban Intellectuals Start?

Urban Intellectuals is the story of a young boy growing up at the knee of a man born during the Great Depression in the south who impressed upon the founder the importance of knowing thy history.

As the boy comes of age, he notices the miseducation in the schools while gaining an appreciation for the power of the media, it’s the importance and how it can assist in educating and connecting the African Diaspora.

Many of the young boy’s, turned man’s heroes built or had major access to outlets that educated, informated and inspired the community. He, like the ones before him, realized these outlets are of critical importance in spreading a message.

Everyone from Carter G. Woodson, Marcus Garvey, Fredrick Douglas, WEB DuBois, Paul Robeson, Dr. King, John H. Johnson, Ida B. Wells, Earl Graves and many others influenced the development of Urban Intellectuals and the vision coming to fruition.

Grounded in the lessons from his father and built upon the spirit of the Black community’s greatest thinkers and men and women of action, Urban Intellectuals dreams of advancing the unification of the global African Diaspora while promoting Black Excellence..

That young boy is now a man and the CEO and founder of Urban Intellectuals, Inc, Freddie Taylor.