Pyramid building is a concept derived from “scaffolding,” the process of gaining information until knowledge is born within the individual and they can express to others written or verbally the knowledge they have accumulated. Moreover, you want a child to process information from short term memory to long term. I use pyramiding to reinforce the concept of our ancient ability to make pyramids, our teaching information to children to become all they can be like the pyramids that have lasted the test of time.

For instance, in order to increase a child’s understanding of knowledge, the child must be given a firm foundation, the base of the pyramid. It is essential that the parent/teacher knows their child’s knowledge base in order to increase understanding in a field of study. The more knowledge a child gains the higher the pyramid reaches into the sky until a predetermined level of ability determined by the parent or teacher, moreover, you want your child to learn information enough information so they can learn information on their own.

Imagine building the Great Pyramid of Giza from the ground up until it is coordinated with the stars in the sky. The pyramid represents the base of information taught to the child while the stars represent the infinite amount of knowledge a child can learn over time.

For example, you can’t start teaching a child Calculus but must start with Algebra and slowly progress toward Calculus. The information learned in Algebra will be increased (based on the child’s ability to discern information) until they can master Calculus. Hopefully, once a child learns calculus their cognition ability will allow them to want to build other pyramids of information that leads to learning different information. Personally, I think our community needs more scientist, we have enough preachers, singers, and musicians.

In addition, the process of learning new vocabulary words as a child. Slowly a child is introduced to new words over time. Once a child understands one word you attempt to expand this vocabulary by introducing new terms that build upon the information already gained. One method to increase a child’s vocabulary is to use synonyms that expand the level of difficulty of an idea over time. Imagine a lesson where you would like to teach your child healthy eating. You could begin with the concept of food, then demonstrate healthy food choices with a real example of healthy food like fruits and vegetables. The word food could be slowly be built up to the word nutritious taking slow steps with examples in between the words.

Moreover, teaching the concept of colors with flashcards with an endpoint of Black unity. First, you begin with the concept of a single color. A child will not necessarily understand the concept that colors come in a large range from black to white and all those in-between as found in a rainbow. Once a child begins to understand a variety of colors say red, black, and green, then you try to explain the concept that red, black, and green are colors. For instance, show the child the black unity flag. Next show the child the colors of the rainbow. You can create a game with blocks and flashcards were the teacher interacts with the child asking the child to build a pyramid using blocks based on the colors shown to the child using flashcards.

I hope this is helpful. I have used this technique to teach Chinese kid’s terms in English. My expertise is U.S. history and politics, which comes with effective writing skills to express ideas to others. If you want help teaching your child African/Black history contact me at