The Adventures of Lil Nay Nay and Pops: A Visit With Lil Martin (PDF Coloring Book Edition)



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This Black History inspired Coloring Book will be an empowering hit for all children young and old. It features civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. imagined in his childhood years before he had the confidence to change the world.

The Adventures of Lil Nay Nay and Pops is a merger of Black history and fiction creating an exciting way to engage our young people while exposing them to our long and storied history. They can be inspired by the stories and achievements of people that look like they do, and came from similar environments to overcome some very tough situations to rise above it all and contribute to the betterment of their communities and the greater world.

The main characters, Lil Nay Nay and Pops, are based on the author’s parents when they were children. The main scene takes place in the author’s real-life childhood home of Inkster, Michigan. The setting is uncanny and really takes you into the heart and soul of the Taylor family. Naomi and Freddie Taylor were into Black history, honoring the achievements of the ancestors and would be proud to be part of an opportunity to introduce the next generation to our history and contributions to humanity.

Hopefully, you and your children enjoy the stories, lessons, and inspiration at the heart and core of “The Adventures of Lil Nay Nay and Pops”.



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