Black Fridays Replays and Tasks

Episode 4 “The Master Teacher” – Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Episode 3 The untold inspiring story of the Haitian Revolution


Continue Mary’s story! Find out more details about her with your children. Watch the video above for her story and prompts to help you expand.

Episode 1 Marcus Garvey


Spend 5 mins engage to our young people about Garvey, learn about him, his life, his teachings and talk about his impact and how it affects today!
— Videos: Here are a few videos to get you started.

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  1. I saw your interview with a doctor of math. She talked about “Black Math Genius” book. She teaches math. “Why math is the blackest thing ever.” I personally need to improve my math skills. I am an educator at heart. I need to pass my path portion of the praxis II. Your interview and knowledge re-inspired me. As I am over 50, I felt I earned a teaching position. I have a masters in education, but not certified. You have inspired me to continue– my passion is to educate others. I got to learn the math, got to improve in algrebra and geometry and other.