Join 1,000s of parents across the world learning how to Ignite their child’s Black Math Genius!

We believe in your Black Math Genius!

The “Ignite Your Black Math Genius” 5 Day Challenge is a safe place where thousands of parents from around the world join our community online and prioritize 5 days to receive FREE teachings, encouragement, and strategies on how to cultivate a more confident, knowledgeable and savvy child when it comes to mathematics!

This challenge is for you if...


You are a parent or guardian who understands the value of instilling a love of Mathematics in your child.


You have a child experiencing frustration when it comes to Mathematics.


Your child is lacking confidence when it comes to Mathematics.


You are disappointed by the lack of connection with Math schools are having with your child. You are a busy and want to carve time to spend with your child while saving money!


You want your child to never be intimidated by Math again.


You always seek fun & engaging activities that connect your child with their culture and make you feel confident as a parent while teaching them.



By joining this challenge you are committing to...

Remaining open to a new way of teaching, mentoring, and leading your children that has proven to be successful with hundreds of other families.

Breathing confidence and support into your child letting them know you have their back and are there for them.

Working with your child to ensure they don’t get left behind guiding them to future success in their academic and professional lives.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with this 100% Free Challenge. Get started NOW!

About the Challenge Founder & Leader

Assata started teaching at the age of eighteen! In her twenties, she used her work ethic as leverage to become a partner of a restaurant in Lansing, MI. During this same period, she set a goal of retiring in her forties. In February of 2017, at the age of forty-one, she retired from her district-level position at the University of Chicago's Urban Education Institute. Prior to that position, Assata spent five years as a high school principal where she brought a school from red to green in terms of education, staff morale, and budget. As a teacher and principal, she traveled the world teaching other teachers how to teach Mathematics, physics, and engineering in a fun and engaging way; effective leadership; and systems and strategies for running a successful school.

She has a Mathematics degree from Michigan State University where she also served as the program coordinator. In 2009, she was voted one of the top Mathematics teachers in the state of Illinois. In 2005, she decided to invest in real estate alongside teaching. This would be her vehicle to retirement. To make this goal a reality, she first accumulated several properties to bring in enough rental income to replace her six-figure salary.

Afterward, she started flipping single-family homes to sustain the standard of living she had become accustomed to.

Her workshops and speaking engagements are what she calls, "EduAction". You will be educated and you will put that learning into action. It's about building wealth y'all!